Do you only have one size of cupcakes?

We offer three cupcake sizes to fit every occasion: mini, classic, and jumbo. Place your order today to be shipped, delivered, or picked up.

How much are your cupcakes?

The Cupcake Collection strives to create affordable options for our customers. We offer cupcakes that vary in prices from $2.00 to $7.00. To learn more about the sizes and flavors of our cupcakes, that all may effect the prices, please click here.

How long will my cupcakes stay fresh?

For the best cupcake experience, the best time for consumption is on the day you receive them, for up to two days after. For an extended shelf life refer to our care instructions.

Do you offer vegan or gluten free cupcakes?

Yes, a minimum order may be required. We try to keep some in case of emergency stash on hand, in the freezer, but they run out so fast.

How many calories are in your cupcakes?

Our cupcakes are made with love. We believe that love conquers all, including calories. Enjoy the love minus the guilt.

Can I stop in right now and pick up a dozen cupcakes?

Yes, however to ensure that you can have the quantity and flavors of the cupcakes that you crave, we suggest that you check our website for today’s offerings and availability. If you have an order that is larger than one dozen and requires immediate pick up, please feel free to call ahead for availability. Don’t forget we also deliver. Click here for more information.

If I have a nut/wheat/dairy etc. allergy or other dietary restriction, should I eat at The Cupcake Collection?

We take pride in our process and do our best to be mindful of our friends with dietary concerns. However, patrons should take precaution that all of our cupcakes are baked in a facility where tree nuts, soy, wheat and dairy are used.

What are your hours of operations?

We are open Sunday 11-4, Monday through Thursday 9:30-4:30, Friday 9:30-4. Hours are subject to change. *

*These are our daylight savings times, hours will be extended in the Spring/Summet.

Why aren’t you open on Saturdays?

Our family worships on Saturdays.

Can you make cupcakes for special occasions/weddings?

Our cupcakes are made with love. Our wedding cakes are made because of it. For your special day, we can provide cupcakes or a celebration cake.

Do you make cakes?

We make celebration cakes and wedding cakes.

How do I place an order?

For your convenience we have created an online process so that you can place your order at any time.

You can also drop by during our business hours. Feel free to give us a call first to hold your order or find out our flavors of the day.

You can give us a call to have your order shipped or delivered directly to your door. We ship between Monday and Wednesday. For shipping we need at least 72 hours from the time the order was placed to get the order to you. For delivery please give us at least 24 hours advanced notice.


How much advanced notice do I need to give for my order?

48 hours is preferred.

All pre-orders must be paid in advance.


Can I place a same-day order?

YES! Please give us a call at 615-244-2900 to ensure we have the flavor you’re looking for. You can call and hold your order until the end of our business day with a processed credit card.


Can I email an order?

To ensure the accuracy of your order we have provided the step-by-step online process for your ordering convenience. Please click here to place your order.


How do I make changes to my order?

To make a change to a cupcake order, whether online, by phone or in person, please give us a call immediately to make a change. For orders greater then two dozen we need 48 hours notice. Orders of three dozen or more we need at least 24 hours notice to make a change.

Custom cake orders need at least four weeks notice to make a change.

Changes to an order are subject to additional fees.


Do you have a refund/cancelation policy?

Cupcake cancelation should be provided at least 1 business day in advance. Refunds for those orders may be issued as a store credit. We do not give cash refunds; this includes deposits on canceled orders.


Do you deliver?

YES! We deliver within 20 miles of our Germantown location. Our standard delivery fee is $12.


Do you have a minimum for delivery orders?

Yes, we have a minimum of a dozen.


Do you ship cupcakes via mail?

Our cupcakes travel! We ship across the continental U.S. set to arrive within 48 hours from delivery day. For more information about or to place an order click here.


Do you gift wrap or do gift baskets?

Our keepsake cupcake box makes a beautiful gift. Call ahead so that we can have it ready for your arrival.


Can our office order cupcakes for birthdays or anniversaries?

Yes! We love celebrating with fellow Nashville businesses. Provide your information on the corporate gifts page and someone will be in touch within 24 hours.


Do you cater corporate events?

Yes, we do. Please complete our contact form.


Can you put my logo on your baked goods?

Yes, logos are handled through our business office and require a minimum. Please allow up to four weeks to set up. There is a set-up charge.


Do you offer cupcake tastings or consultations?

For your special day we certainly want to make sure we get every detail correct. We do offer a consultation for $75 and goes towards the cost of your purchase with us.


How much are custom cakes?

Our custom cakes are priced custom for you. Please contact our events department for more information.


What are your event/custom order deposit requirements?

We require custom orders be paid in full at least four weeks in advance. A deposit of ½ may be requested to hold your special date.


Do you rent cupcake stands?

Yes, contact our wedding department for more details.


Can I purchase a Gift Card?

Sure! You can drop in to our Germantown store or order a gift card online by clicking here.


Do you provide donations?

At our core we believe it is our duty to give back. We specifically support initiatives around food insecurity, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. To learn more or for consideration, please visit our donate page.


How can I work for The Cupcake Collection?

We are always looking for team members to sprinkle our customers’ days with joy. Browse the site and learn more about our company culture. Then head over to our jobs page to apply today.



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