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Cupcake Flavors


Our goal at The Cupcake Collection is to captivate your crave all year long. However, just like the seasons, our flavor lineup changes. Explore our entire cupcake collection to see what you’ve been missing!

Want to grab an off the menu sweet treat? Drop us a note here to request a flavor that is currently not in season. Please allow up to 48-hours for a response regarding your request.

There are a few superstars in the collection that only show up on social media, so make sure you’re following us there for hidden opportunities to snag special flavors and off the menu creations.

Find your Flavorite! 


Birthday Carrot Classic Chocolate
Celebrate everyday like it's your birthday with this classic treat. Vanilla butter confetti cake, finished with our signature vanilla buttercream icing and colorful confetti sprinkles. One of my all-time favorites no matter where I roam. Our Carrot cake boasts (gasp!) carrots, pineapple, raisins, & coconut finished with cream cheese buttercream and crushed walnuts. Life can be simpler with a little extra chocolate. Our chocolate cake, finished with chocolate buttercream.
Classic Yellow Red Velvet Strawberry
Give the celebration a nod to true tradition, our Birthday Cake finished with milk chocolate buttercream and colorful confetti sprinkles. This is not chocolate cake in a red disguise. Our buttermilk cake with a hint a chocolate and red for color, finished with cream cheese buttercream Often compared to warm strawberry ice cream, our strawberry cake is loaded with natural strawberries throughout, finished with strawberry buttercream that is truly pink because of REAL strawberries.
Sweet Lemonade Sweet Potato Wedding Cake
Pucker Up for lemony kisses. Our traditional lemon pound cake finished with lemon buttercream. You can bet your sweet potatoes that our cupcake version is as southern as pie. Voted ‘Best Cake” in Tennessee by Yelp & Business Insider. It's our #1 selling cupcake and a TCC original. You can’t go to a wedding every day, but it can taste like you did. Our almond butter cake finished with almond buttercream.



Blackout Café Au Lait Café Mocha
Say Chocolate! Our chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse finished with chocolate buttercream and rolled in chocolate cupcake crumbs. Did we mention that there was chocolate? We pay homage to our heritage by celebrating coffee with milk in this New Orleans inspired adaptation. Coffee infused almond butter cake finished with coffee butter cream icing. The perfect “cup” cake of coffee. Coffee infused chocolate cake finished with coffee buttercream.
Campfire S’mores Coconut Crème Cookies N Cream
No need to pitch a tent to enjoy these cupcakes. Chocolate cake, torched marshmallow meringue, topped with graham cracker and chocolate drizzle! Coocoo for coconuts. Our toasted coconut sour cream cake, filled with vanilla mousse and finished with almond buttercream and freshly toasted coconut. You’ll want to lick the center. Our chocolate cake filled with an oreo’s and vanilla mousse, finished with almond buttercream and crushed Oreo pieces.
Italian Wedding Key Lime (seasonal spring/summer) King Cake (Mardi Gras (Nashville) available year round in New Orleans)
Say “I do” with an Italian flare. Our almond cake finished with cream cheese buttercream and garnished with walnuts and coconut. Take a bite out of vacation in the tropics. Graham cracker crumbles on key lime buttercream is a refreshing finish to our sour cream coconut cupcake. Inspired by one of our favorite New Orleans traditions, our vanilla almond cake meets a cinnamon roll flavor reminiscent of Fat Tuesday.
Lemonberry (seasonal spring/summer) Lemon Meringue (seasonal spring/summer) Lemon Sunshine
REAL blueberries baked in our traditional lemon pound cake, finished with blueberry buttercream giving this fan favorite a burst of color. The classic dessert pie reshaped into the perfect handheld treat. Our traditional lemon pound cake topped with torched marshmallowy meringue and filled with a tart lemon mousse. If you love your lemonade a little more on the sweet side than the tart side, this is the cupcake for you. Our traditional lemon pound cake, finished with vanilla almond buttercream and topped with yellow sprinkles.
Marble Peanut Butter Mousse Pineapple Upside Down
Ebony and Ivory do go together in perfect harmony. Our chocolate and almond swirl cake finished with chocolate and cream cheese buttercream. Peanut butter and chocolate make a really awesome couple, and this union will not disappoint. Our chocolate cake, filled with peanut butter mousse and finished with peanut butter buttercream. Right Side Up Side Down. Our classic almond cake joins with pineapple & brown sugar and finished with almond buttercream glaze.
Snickerdoodle Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberry Lemonade
Can’t decide if want a cookie or cupcake. Get the best of both with a snickerdoodle cupcake. Vanilla almond cake, topped with a fresh vanilla almond buttercream and rolled in a cinnamon and sugar. Now where’s the milk? Our strawberry and almond swirl cake finished with strawberry & cream cheese buttercream. Inspired by a customer request to pair her two favorite cupcakes, Our strawberry and lemon swirl cake finished with strawberry & lemon buttercream.



Buttermint Coconut Scouts Honor Chocolate Mint
Colorful mints were at every celebration, wedding, my grandma’s house, and now part of the winter collection. Our almond butter cake finished with peppermint buttercream and a classic buttermint. An ode to our favorite girlpreneurs! Fall in love our vanilla almond cake filled with gooey caramel topped with chocolate icing, toasted coconut and drizzled in chocolate. If nothing says winter flavor like peppermint, then this speaks to a cozy winter. Our classic chocolate cake filled with peppermint mousse, finished with chocolate mint buttercream and an Andes mint.
Eggnog Germantown Gingerbread
A classic Christmas drink in cupcake form. Vanilla almond cake filled with a house-made eggnog mousse and topped with eggnog buttercream with a dash of nutmeg. A neighborhood as cool and eclectic as ours deserved a namesake cupcake. Our milk chocolate mousse filled chocolate cake pays homage to the classic German's chocolate cake with the addition of traditional nutty coconut topping, finished with a rim of chocolate buttercream and a chocolate ganache drizzle. Capture the essence of the iconic Gingerbread man and the chilly holiday season in our ginger cake. With a hint of clove and molasses, cinnamon buttercream is the perfect topper for this winter favorite. Catch them if you can…
Hot Cocoa Mint Scout Honor
What's the holiday season without hot cocoa? With cayenne chocolate cake, cinnamon buttercream, and marshmallows on top (because what cup of cocoa is without them) this cupcake captures the holiday essential. An ode to our favorite girlpreneurs! Enjoy a smooth blend of chocolate and mint with our signature chocolate blend cake filled with milk chocolate peppermint mousse then finished with a chocolate mint buttercream and topped with a cookie.


Email us a note here to request a flavor that is currently not in season.