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Birthday Cakes


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Our cupcakes are made with love but our celebration cakes are made because of it. Each cake is customizable with flavors, frostings, fillings, and finishes that are special to The Cupcake Collection.

1: Choose your cake flavor.

Any cupcake flavors we have are available for your cake.

*If a specific Cupcake Collection flavor that you would like is not listed below please make a note of the flavor in the comments section.*

2: Choose your cake icing and filling.

We offer a unique variety of icings and fillings for you to combine and make your cake your own.

3: Choose up to 3 tiers.

Want more than one tier? Then this is the step for you. Note: In order for us to create tiered cakes you will need to select different size cakes in the form below.

*If you would like more than 3 tiers you will need to call in and make a special request. *

4: Choose your cake finish.

We have four cake finishes to choose from.